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Sales Promotion Advertising Web Site / CD-ROM Corporte Animation Photography Packaging
Our Mission Statement

Eastwind Design Studios Ltd., established in 1982, provides a complete spectrum of strategic services for business-to-business marketers coupled with fresh creative approaches to consumer advertising and promotion.

Our focus has always been on assisting growth-oriented companies whose sales efforts extend throughout world markets and in particular North America. This focus has been successfully implemented in the past by providing strategic planning and original thinking to effect our client's growth through increasing market share, increasing market size or new product development.

We act as interpreter of the demands of the marketplace. We attempt to spot trends and anticipate changes. We stay in the forefront of today's rapidly changing technological advances. We get to know our clients very, very well... their products, their processes, their markets, their strengths, their weaknesses, and their competition. Only in this way can we propel their marketing thrust and become an authoritative source of innovative ideas.

We hire professionals and we give them room to think and act independently yet still be part of a team synergy. Our people enjoy what they do, and it shows! They offer a wealth of experience gained from years of fine tuning their marketing and creative skills.

Our objective has always been to foster our spirit of excellence, and to deliver brilliant work and "on target" marketing for our clients.

Eastwind Design Studios Ltd. has the hindsight and the strategic Eastwind to assist you in developing and implementing marketing actions to achieve the most demanding marketing objectives.