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Upon gathering of research data, company history, and information from published material, we are in a position to make a systematic review of our client's potential, and develop a thorough marketing plan. This advance planning provides a firm foundation to implement a marketing thrust that will be both cost-efficient and cost-related to specific sales goals.

The following is an outline of what our typical marketing plan would include:


  1. Analysis of basic information and research to ascertain:
    1.1 Competitive position - client strengths and weaknesses
    1.2 Customer profiles and needs analysis
    1.3 Image and attitudinal data
    1.4 Position with distribution chain
    1.5 Identity of competitive threats and weaknesses
    1.6 Ascertain market niches and opportunities
  2. Determination of marketing objectives:
    2.1 Short-term objectives
    2.2 Long-term objectives
  3. Market Feasibility Analysis:
    3.1 Determine geographic market penetration stages
    3.2 Establish volume potential by area
    3.3 Calculate market entry costs by area
    3.4 Define proposed distribution system
  4. Marketing Strategy:
    4.1 Corporate identity
    4.2 Selling strategy
    4.3 Pricing strategy
    4.4 Distribution strategy
    4.5 Commitment to quality standards
    4.6 Promotional creative concepts
    4.7 Media advertising strategy
    4.8 Sales promotion strategy
  5. Financial Viability:
    5.1 Itemized budget by period
    5.2 Cost/return analysis