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Sales Promotion Advertising Web Site / CD-ROM Corporte Animation Photography Packaging
Our "3 Minute Marketing Technology Updates"

We write various briefing updates to provide our clients with our insight to current marketing topics. Having received many compliments over the years on their brevity and value, we take pride in our efforts to make them current and understandable.

As a not-too-subtle means of introducing ourselves to companies who might require our services, we are happy to send you copies of those subjects that are of interest to you. Choose one or more of the following and telephone, fax, or e-mail your request to Joanne Hachez.

MTU-03 - Redesigning Your Corporate Image
MTU-07 - Packaging - Your Final Salesman
MTU-08 - Marketing Through Distributors
MTU-11 - Winning with New Products
MTU-14 - Improving Trade Show Participation Effectiveness
MTU-15 - The Value of Strategic Marketing Planning
MTU-16 - Getting Ready to Export
MTU-18 - Can Your Company Use an Interactive CD-ROM?
MTU-20 - The Value of Investing in a More Dynamic Web Site