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Our Philosophy

Eastwind's prime philosophy is to incorporate old-fashioned creative excellence into today's most advanced electronic technology. Many design studios rely solely on computers - creativity starts and ends there. Admittedly, this can save money but it just does not produce great work. Maybe this is why there is such a proliferation of mediocre creativity out there.

At Eastwind, we don't even let our creative team start on a project until our marketing strategists, in consultation with the client, clearly establish what the marketing objectives are, who the target market is, and what motivations have to be incorporated into the creative theme in order for the intended recipient to act.

Once our creative team is unleashed with a project, the creative process starts with pencil and paper... not on a computer. Rough concepts are scribbled down, discussed, and in many cases, discarded. Only in this way can we successfully have the loose environment necessary to create exceptional concepts.